Self Discovery and Healing is just a click away with my Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy and Angelic Reiki services  

Rid yourself of past and present stress, anxiety and trauma and invite a feeling of purpose, calm and self love into your life. 
Each one of the 1000's of clients I have worked with has had a positive experience and this is wonderful.....but I know that I can now offer you MORE than your average hypnotherapy session.... 
The multidimensional healing sessions I can now offer go deep into your subconscious and beyond offering you the chance to experience healing on many levels of awareness.... 
The results? 
Here are just a few example of experiences my clients have enjoyed. 
"A sense of knowing that I didn't have before" 
"Clarity and purpose for my life " 
"Generational trauma cleared" 
"Clear guidance" 
"Peace within my soul" 
"A deeper understanding of myself"  


Frequently asked questions 
Can this sessions work online? 
Yes. Energy has travelled through lifetimes, it can certainly travel between me and you on a computer screen. I promise you, the effectiveness of a session is not affected by communicating online 
Can I attend if I've never had hypnotherapy ? 
Yes. None of the services I offer require you to have any past experience of hypnotherapy or indeed any other therapy. 
Why do people come for a past life session? 
Some are simply curious and want to experience something new. Some people have sat with poor mental or physical health for a long time and the approaches used to heal them so far have not achieved what they would like. Some feel like there is something missing, a piece of the jigsaw they haven't yet found and are drawn to find out more. Your reason will be unique to you and you are welcome. 
Will I get all the answers and healing I want / need in one session ? 
You can, without a doubt... but it may be that you choose to come back for another session to achieve more and most people do when they feel ready. 
I am pulling together my 20 plus years of wisdom to offer you a safe and nurturing experience, using my knowledge, guidance and intuition to take you exactly where you need to be. I feel extremely passionate about my belief that I was called to do this as service to you and I am so excited to guide you on this next fascinating journey . 
I am based in the UK but all sessions are delivered online worldwide via zoom link.( face to face sessions are available at an extra cost if you live locally to the north east of england at limited times. ) 
Find out more about Silvia and her journey to being a Hypnotherapist and healing her own mental illhealth in her newly published novel, "Get Up" .  




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